Certified Scrum Master certification®


Many crucial aspects of Scrum and Agile are difficult to learn from books. We use interactive simulations and develop many content interactively together in order to make key aspects experiencable already in training. In our trainings, we primarily use our experience and our previous approaches so that you can quickly and successfully put the method into practice. In this sense, the training has proven itself both as a start of your journey to more agility for prospective Scrum Masters as well as as a consolidation of your previous journey.

The most important things in a nutshell


Training name: Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Training duration: 2 days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Ort: remote / online session
Number of participants: 10
Language German
Certification: Certified SCRUM Master (CSM) of the SCRUM Alliance (the certificate is included in the price and you will receive after successful training and test participation)
Trainer: Ralf Kruse
Target audience: The training is suitable for

  • all scrum beginners (team members, project managers, executives) regardless of what role you will play in your future Scrum team
  • future Scrum Master
  • Scrum-experienced people who want to intensify their knowledge and reflect on experiences
  • an exclusive work manual as a valuable work resource, which can be used during the training itself as well as afterwards
  • Learning aids that you can use for your own environment
  • Training Tools & Souvenirs
  • Photo logs for training and follow-up training by e-mail
  • the link to the Scrum Master certification
  • the book “Scrum Essentials”
Participant fee: 1,200 € (plus VAT) early bird tarif (up to 2 weeks before date; see registration conditions under “dates”); regular price: 1,400 € (plus VAT)

Who is the training for?

The focus of the training is on developing Scrum Master and empowering you to lead, monitor and support teams with a sustainable and good scrum understanding. It is important to have good and close cooperation in a self-organized team and this requires the best possible communication, interaction and transparency in a working environment. If you come from a company that starts to align yourself with agile, you will use our training to take a good basic knowledge and hand tool with you to give new orientation in an ambitious and complex project environment. Participants who already have scrum experiences have the chance to refresh or supplement their knowledge, reflect on their own concerns from day-to-day business and come back with new insights and concrete approaches to improvement.

And what do I take with me?

Reflection of the current understanding of Scrum and its mechanisms A good understanding of those of the scrum underlying intentions that allow you to be effective. An end-to-end simulation helps to understand Scrum and its principles, strategies and tools in implementation, even in a complex project environment. These questions will be answered in our training:

  • In which areas is Scrum particularly effective and of great advantage? What do I have to pay attention to to experience these benefits?
  • What processes and principles is scrum based on?
  • What is Scrum’s understanding of roles?
  • How do we manage to promote personal responsibility, communication, cooperation and motivation through the use of Scrum proactivity?
  • How do we manage to deliver the customer’s desired benefits in a particularly effective way while optimally managing risks?
  • What makes Scrum agile?

Many “Aha-experiences” through practical exercises open doors for new approaches and approaches outside of the possible planned project management methods.

About the trainer

Ralf Kruse is one of the most experienced Enterprises Agile Coaches in Northern Germany. He is Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) and the only Certified Enterprise CoachSM (CEC) of the Scrum Alliance in the Hamburg area. Ralf Kruse has already successfully supported a large number of customers, both nationally and internationally. Ralf Kruse’s strength is to pass on his many years of experience in the application of agile methods in such a way that customers and training participants are able to become effective immediately in their organizations. In the following podcasts of trainer Ralf Kruse you will learn a little more about SCRUM:

Current dates

Currently no trainings are offered.

If you are interested, please register with your training team via: training@changepoint.de.

Registration conditions

For registrations of at least 2 weeks before your desired date, we offer a discount of 200,- € on the regular training price. You will receive an invoice after your registration data has been received and processed by us, at the latest after the end of the event. In case of cancellation of a registration made up to 20 days before the booked date, we will refund 50 of the training price. In case of cancellation less than 20 days before the booked date or no-show, no refund will be made. A surrogate can be appointed at any time. We reserve the right to cancel a training date if there are not enough registrations for the implementation. In this case, we will of course refund 100 of the fees already paid.

Our offer for companies

All our trainings can of course also be carried out internally at your site. In addition to the training offers described here, we are also happy to develop trainings adapted to your individual requirements in order to respond optimally to your needs.