Change Management

The importance of change management or change facilitation is undisputed in company practice, but many companies lack a holistic view in the implementation of the project. However, the consideration of soft factors in particular is often not taken into account in everyday life in the project. Thus, even the most sensible and necessary projects can fail, as the employees were not taken with them from the outset.

The approach of targeted change management must therefore take into account the soft factors as an integral part of the project implementation. Losses in efficiency due to fears and resistance among employees cannot be completely prevented, but can be minimized at least greatly with an efficient approach. In order to support successful and integrative project implementation, we have developed a structured approach model with the CHANGE°Circle. In this way, we ensure that all relevant change factors and their dependencies are sufficiently taken into account and that a high degree of process reliability is ensured for all parties involved. The CHANGE°Circle builds on the established change management concepts of Lewin and Kruse and thus combines recognized knowledge with innovative methods. Our change management consultants have extensive practical experience and support you in successfully implementing changes in your company and permanently anchoring the established competence with your managers and in your team.