Culture Quick Scan+

Do you want clarity about the status quo of your corporate culture? Where do performance reserves lie dormant in your organization? Or would you like to further develop your corporate culture in a targeted manner?

Then our Culture Quick Scan+ might be just the thing for you!
A crisp corporate culture analysis that gives you a good understanding of your current corporate culture and identifies potential areas for improvement.

The Culture Quick Scan +


Target group


Culture Quick Scan +

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Initial conversation

In a one-hour Skype conversation:

  • Get to know us and our approach
  • Understand your cause and together we outline the best possible outcomes for you
  • Together we identify the most important issues for your business success
  • We clarify the necessary framework conditions

Request meeting:

In a 90-minute meeting (in person or Skype):

  • We detail our project
  • Based on a project outline prepared by Changepoint
  • Determine the key persons (groups) who are to participate in the survey
  • We agree on the exact procedure of the Quick Scan+ as well as necessary communication measures

Survey preparation

We set up the online survey and send you / your participants via eMail:

  • an explanation of the Culture Quick Scan+
  • as well as the link to the online survey

Survey implementation

Your participants answer the online survey within a set period of time.

Results discussion

We evaluate your survey and prepare the results graphically for presentations. We discuss the results with you in a one-hour meeting (in person or via Skype).

Implementation workshop

In a one-day workshop, all or a defined selection of participating employees develop concrete optimization measures. The workshop participants receive the commented results in advance. In the workshop, the most important fields of action are identified on the basis of these results, priorities are set, and concrete measures are agreed upon.

Implementation evaluation

In a one-hour meeting (in person or Skype), the final report and possible next steps are discussed. Extensive feedback is obtained.