Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Prof. Peter Drucker

The corporate culture is the DNA of a company. It describes how people in organizations think and act every day when no one is looking.

So far, so good. But how do I work with my corporate culture? This is often very different between the different departments. Rarely there is only ONE corporate culture.

As with many things in the company, an analysis is also needed here if one does not know exactly how the culture is actually pronounced. A culture analysis is therefore often very useful. On the other hand, a cultural analysis can also further deteriorate the culture if the analysis is not carried out properly or if the Fallow Up is not designed sensibly. The timing is therefore also important. Sometimes it is also possible to do without a detailed analysis and tackle obvious problems in concrete terms.

Our goal is to improve your corporate culture! We accompany you in finding the right way for your company.

Culture analysis and development

Denison Cultural Analysis

Denison Cultural Analysis is a globally established tool for measuring corporate culture for more than 30 years. The selected aspects of the culture were geared towards optimizing the company’s results. The Denison Cultural Analysis also provides a very comprehensive picture of the company’s subcultures.

Digital Cultural Development

New technologies can also be used for the process of cultural development if necessary. This makes it easier to significantly increase the participation of employees in projects for cultural improvement.

Quick Scan

In order to get a well-founded first indication of the corporate culture, we have developed our own method. In this way, the management gets a good basic analysis without triggering equally high expectations and a change project.